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Work Permits

Having a job during high school is a privilege. The ability to maintain good grades, attendance, and behavior may determine your success at your job.

When applying for a work permit - grades, attendance, and behavior will be checked and must be approved. If you do not maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, your work permit may be revoked or denied.

The Work Permit Application (CDE Form B1-1) can be found within the left navigation bar. It must be completely filled out by the student, parent, and employer before you submit it to the school. Upon receipt and approval of the application, the school will issue a Work Permit (CDE Form B1-4) to be given to the employer.

  • Work permits are renewed annually at the start of each school year. You must go through the process of reissuing/renewing your work permit every year prior to the end of August, as it will expire and no longer be valid. This includes work permits issued over the summer (June/July).
    • Students must also apply for a new work permit if they change employment.
    • Students may work for more than one employer but they will need a work permit for each, and the total number of hours worked may not exceed the total number of hours allowed by law.

For more FAQS, please visit the California Department of Education here.

Or you may contact the school site:   Secretary, Jennifer Vermeer:    ⁄   Assistant Principal, Ms. Lane: